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K3 Servicios deportivos integrales S.L.

K3 Servicios deportivos integrales S.L.

It is an entity with more than 6 years of experience linked to management and planning in the sports field. Today, K3 offers three differentiated services: Training Center, Consulting & Events.

The training center specializes in the design of adapted personal health programs, It has trained professionals and modern and quality equipment.

The consulting service is dedicated to advising public and private entities in everything related to sports management, Strategic plans, Sports projects,etc.

In relation to sporting events, K3 designs, Plan and execute events linked mainly to the world of triathlon and races in general, some of them Famara Total 2019, OceanLava Fuerteventura 2018, 2019 and 2021 and OceanLava Lanzarote 2021.

All the services offered by the entity are endorsed by expert and experienced professionals. The manager of K3 integral services has an extensive professional career in the sector. In addition, He holds a PhD in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, researcher, University professor and regular speaker at different conferences, Meetings, Seminars,etc.

The rest of the team, balanced with representativeness of both sexes, is multidisciplinary, It is made up of staff with training in the sports field and in other transversal specialties such as the social area, Educational, design, Audiovisual communication, marketing, Security & Management. The entire K3 team is characterized by a marked commitment to social values and this is reflected in the design and planning of all the activities carried out.

Brief CV

Brief CV

– Ocean Lava Organization Fuerteventura 2018-2021.

– Ocean Lava Lanzarote Organization from 2021.

– Famara Total Organization 2019 and 2022.

– Organization of Lanzarote Heroes from 2022.

– Owners of The Box Wellness, Training and health center from 2014.

– Elaboration of the Strategic Plan of Sports Tourism of Lanzarote.

– Plan of trails and open water circuits of the municipality of Yaiza.

– Economic and financial studies for a multitude of projects related to physical activity and sport.

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